Why Use a Professional Staffing Agency Like Professional Industrial Consultants?

  1. Candidates provided to you, match your exact requirements! Save time and money by not reviewing resumes that don’t fit your needs.
  2. Eliminate Costly internet & newspaper job postings!
  3. Helps reduce costs in your HR departments!
  4. Save additional time and money on costly reference checks, criminal/background checks and drug screening!
  5. Eliminate unemployment claims!
  6. Be more creative with your team. Bring in temporary expertise only when you need it!
  7. Staffing agencies have access to millions of candidates!
  8. Remain focused on your products and services!
  9. Quicker access to top rated talent!
  10. Receive the benefit of “ALL” of our candidate research. We constantly are researching candidates for other clients!
  11. Address fluctuations in your staff. Have the right size staff to meet your current business volume!

Any smart business person would ask that question and we’re ready to respond!

  1. Professional Industrial Consultants candidate sourcing services are free of charge, you only pay when we find the right candidate!
  2. Professional Industrial Consultants fees and cost strategies are below industry standards, providing cost savings to your capital and project budgets!
  3. We build and maintain relationships with individuals that are top rated in their profession!
  4. We are proactive! If you identify future needs we will begin sourcing candidates immediately!
  5. Our staff has over 75 years of manufacturing, construction and heavy industrial expertise!
  6. Professional Industrial Consultants gets the top rated talent to your team fast to meet your project needs!
  7. Professional Industrial Consultants utilizes the latest and greatest custom candidate search technology!
  8. We save you time and energy by delivering only the top candidates that match your needs!
  9. We have established relationships nationwide with Universities and Professional Networks!
  10. Our staff stays abreast of current technologies to match candidates with client needs!
  11. Exclusive Audio and Video Candidate presentation process!
  12. Your firm is assigned a dedicated resource specialist for a single point of contact!
  13. Receive the benefit of “all” our candidate research. We constantly are researching candidates for a large quantity of clients!