October 29, 2012

Reference:   Chrysler Press Relocation Project

Twinsburg, Ohio Stamping to Sterling Heights Stamping Plant

To whom it may concern, In October of 2010, Chrysler Corporation began the execution of a project to relocate Two Verson Transfer Press Lines from the Twinsburg, Ohio Stamping Facility to Sterling Heights, Michigan Stamping Facility.

Professional Industrial Consultants was an integral part of the management team and contributed to bringing this very large and complex Press Line Project to a timely completion.

The scope included performing a Health Assessment, dismantlement, execution of all shipping and logistics, re-assembly at the destination facility and support to the OEM to bring the equipment back to a production ready state. In conjunction, having the press in a dismantled state, we worked to upgrade and re-furbish numerous press components.

Overall we were able to bring both Press Line Projects to completion ahead of schedule, despite the additional work relative to our component refurbishments and upgrades.

The entire team executed with professionalism and worked very well with our Chrysler Corporate Execution Team as well as all our Stamping Plant personnel.

Professional Industrial Consultants performed a very competent job and given the opportunity, it would be our pleasure to work with PIC on future projects.


Gary Samolej                                                                  Brian Balaska

ASME Equipment Engineer                           ASME Equipment Engineer

Chrysler Sterling Stamping