Professional Industrial Consultants has a staff that brings countless years of experience in automotive and industrial planning, construction and lean manufacturing innovation.

Professional Industrial Consultants serves the automotive, heavy industrial, manufacturing, and construction industries with highly skilled individuals such as Program Managers, Construction Managers, Project Managers, Project Engineers, Product Engineers, Manufacturing Managers, Technicians and other highly skilled professionals!

Since our inception we have created and continuously improved our Program and Project Management Procedures and Processes. We implement these proven methodologies with consistency and when aligned with our Clients objectives we continue to deliver successful programs and projects.

Our reputation is solid in the industries we serve. We have built business relationships by being honest, friendly, cost effective and focusing our contributions to the success of the program and project objectives. We keep our overhead to a minimum and the talent of our staff at a maximum, which helps benefit our clients. Our success comes as a product of hard work that results in premium cost savings and superior quality services for our customers.